DIY: Hemp Website Tips

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Quick Tips for your website.

So you like to do things yourself…

Do you want to write your own content for your website, packaging, emails, etc?
If you do, that’s totally cool, let me help you get started right now.

Remember your content needs to do the following:

  • Be compliant with hemp label and content laws.
  • Educational, informative, and accurate for the average person to understand.
  • There’s tons of hype around hemp these days and you want to make sure your message is clear, concise, and believable.
  • You want website content that gives you an edge over your competitors

Include the following in your website:

  • Home Page:
    There are many options, but make it clean and inviting.
  • Blog Posts or articles:
    General and specific information for your target market about your products and service. You’re helping educate people about hemp.
  • About Page:
    What’s your company’s story? What makes you unique, special, and trustworthy? What sets your company apart from all the rest?
  • Products Pages:
    Describe your product without saying it cures or fixes anything. Use testimonials for your products. Include instructions on how it works, and any warning labels you must have on your products. It must be accurate and compliant with FDA hemp label laws.
  • Contact Page:
    Include a way for people to get a hold of you either by email, phone, a form, or all three. Include hours you’ll answer and how long it will take to get back to you. Then follow through on what you say you will do for customer service.
  • Case Studies:
    Tell a positive story about someone who uses your products or services and how it makes their life better.
  • Data or Sales Sheets:
    A data or sales sheet give factual information about CDB oil and other hemp products you sell. Datasheets are easy to scan or infographics (images). You can make these sheets into easy downloadable PDF files for people to download from your website. Make sure you quote all scientific information and let people know where you found it.
  • CBD Third-Party Test Results and What They Mean:
    All of your CBD products need to come with a third-party valid test result sheet with all the information you tested for. You also need to include what the information means.
  • Social Media/Ads:
    Word of mouth social media might be your best advertising tool to get noticed. Pick your favorite one or two and get engaged and stay engaged. Because of Google’s list of dangerous products or services hemp and CBD products cannot be advertised on Google and Facebook. All cannabis products are restricted under Google restriction laws.
  • List Building and Emailing:
    Through list building, you create communications that keep you connected with your current and potential customers.

You need content to set yourself apart from the rest of the hemp industry. And you can with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Let your company and brand shine with the real you!

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